3 Ultimate Guide to Camping With Kids

Have you tried going on a trip with your family? If you haven’t this is one thing you should consider doing at least once per year. Planning for your trip with the kids can be hard. It’s even harder when going camping with the little ones. 

As a parent, it is normal to worry about the kids. You don’t know if the place will be comfortable for them. At one point you are worried if they will be affected by the climate and in another, you are worried about the food. Will they like it there? While all these questions may be disturbing, camping is one of the most affordable holiday adventures any family can have. It is a good chance for the entire family to create good memories and bond. 

In case you have never camped with your family before or you are an amateur camper, we have you covered. Read our ultimate guide to camping with kids to find out more. 

Create a camping checklist

You know the age of your kids. You should know what to carry and not to carry. Ensure you create a list of all the things that you need. In case you have camoed before with your kids, you must refer to the packing list to ensure that you don’t miss anything. If you need to carry medication with you, ensure to include it on the list. If you need to carry food, include it on the list. Forgetting some of the important things might cut short your trip.

If your kids are big enough, ask them about the things they would like to carry along. If they would like to go hiking or biking, help them to carry the essential items so they can enjoy their trip. 

Clean your tent

It would be shocking to only find out on the last day that your tent is dirt and cannot be used. It is a shame to carry a dirty tent along. Ensure that some days before the trip, you clean your tent. If it needs some repair, make sure to repair it. Since kids can be messy, ensure to give them instructions on how to ensure that the tent stays clean until your camp trip is over. For instance, it is not good to place shoes in the tent since they carry mud. If they are going to place shoes in the tent, ensure the shoes are clean.

Assign tasks to kids

Kids hate staying idle. To make their trip enjoyable, ensure you keep them busy. You can assign them some tasks like cleaning the utensil and preparing meals where they can. This will help them to feel that they are part of the camping team – read article on items to make camping more comfortable.


If you want to have an enjoyable camping trip with your kids, ensure you take them to a camp where they can find time to play. Also, ensure that you join them when they want to play. It will make them enjoy the camping trip.